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Coffee, but with
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World leading CBD infused coffees.

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Made with just two ingredients: coffee and hemp. Available as beans or freshly ground. 



Why infuse coffee
with hemp? 

For many of us, a warm cup of coffee is an important daily ritual. It’s stimulating, comforting and it primes us for mental or physical work. 

The fact that we consume it religiously everyday makes it a healthy medium to effortlessly integrate CBD and other cannabinoids into our lives, while potentially easing the common side effects of coffee, such as anxiety. 

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Small Batch #9

Roasted and infused in small batches, these are the world’s finest coffees, delicately infused with CBD rich, hemp extract. 

CBD CONTENT: ≥ 5mg of CBD per cup. 

“Just enough CBD to take the edge off of caffeine, but not enough to make you sleepy at work.”

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Our Mission

 By pairing cannabis with something as everyday as coffee, we hope to speed up the diffusion of both medicinal and recreational cannabis into mainstream culture.


Our favourite strains, reimagined as delicious speciality coffees from around the world. Available as beans or freshly ground. 

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