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"As somebody who's tried CBD supplementing before but has never been able to make it work for me. Either because of cost or not enjoying the application method. This coffee changes all of that. If I'm going to be drinking coffee every day, why not let me be infused with all the good that CBD has to offer. It tastes great too, another brilliant coffee from Pothead!"

Greg F


"Ordered 450g bag of beans. Absolutely love it. Can really taste the nuts and citrus. Will definitely be ordering more..."

John K


"I've been a certified Pot Head ever since I discovered this amazing brand so jumped at the chance to pre-order this coffee. I had to wait two weeks which felt like forever but this coffee certainly did not disappoint. If you've had hemp or CBD products before you will notice the distinct earthy undertones in this coffee which is so nice. It's so easy to brew & gives me the boost I need in a morning to get my head straight..."

Demi C

How to make CBD Coffee.

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The science behind CBD Coffee.

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