4 reasons you should keep a CBD journal

Millions of people all over the world decide to use CBD oil for a huge range of reasons, from supporting a better night’s sleep, to easing stress and pain. However, those who report the most success with introducing this amazing hemp supplement to their lifestyle use it quite differently to those who have found it to be somewhat disappointing. And we’re going to let you in on their secrets: consistency is key. As is discovering the right oil to suit your needs.

Keeping a CBD journal helps you be consistent

As with most good things in life, reaping the balancing rewards of CBD often requires a little patience. Dropping a dose of CBD here and there when you feel like you need it is unlikely to do much in the long run. Many cannabis experts believe that most issues we hope to address by taking CBD oil can come as a result of our own endocannabinoid system (ECS) being off kilter, which in turns results in dysregulation throughout the body. Cannabinoids (the molecules within the cannabis plant, like CBD) are known for activating and supporting the ECS, but as they are accumulative it’s important you allow them – and your body – the time they need to reinstate a natural state of equilibrium.

When you’re new to CBD, it can be tricky to get into the habit of taking your supplement every day, which is why we recommend using a CBD journal (like the beautiful Gold Leaf CBD Jotter stocked by Pothead coffee) to keep track of your progress. Doing this will not only help you keep on top of your daily dose (or doses, if microdosing), but will also help you monitor your unique response to CBD oil, for the best possible outcome.

You don’t have to be religious about keeping a journal – it doesn’t have to be worked on every day. But a weekly entry, or a note whenever you experience something interesting, can be very helpful indeed! And you may find that doing this becomes quite an enjoyable, mindful exercise that helps you get to know not only your CBD product but cannabis too, in a whole new light.

Not all CBD is made equal – use a CBD journal to find the right product

When first starting out on your CBD journey, it can be a minefield trying to find the right product. There are hundreds of brands out there, all claiming to offer the very best CBD oil available, but the truth is that there are many different variables that make certain CBD products better suited to different needs.

You may get lucky and find that your first purchase works wonders and keeping notes in your CBD jotter can help you recognise this, and start to understand the process that is best for you. Some people find they experience different results over time, or even notice a variety of effects throughout the day (and night). It’s really all so personal, as cannabinoids can actually work via different mechanisms and produce different results depending on what your body needs to rebalance.

What to look for when buying CBD

To help you buy a product that is at the very least a decent quality product, here are a few points to look out for:

  • Always buy organic. The cannabis plant is a bioaccumulator, meaning it absorbs chemicals from the soil and air it is grown in. Choosing an organic product (which has lab results available to prove it is free from contaminants) is vital.
  • Know your cannabinoids. There are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD products labelled ‘full’ or ‘broad’ spectrum should contain a selection of these – the which cannabinoids and at what levels will vary. CBD isolate is just the CBD molecule on its own. Hopefully, once you start taking CBD oil, your interest will be sparked enough to start investigating which cannabinoids might be good for your body – for example, CBD is considered to be great for mood, studies into CBG have shown it’s potential on pain transmission and perception. If you’re unsure, you’re best off opting for a wider range – check the lab reports and see what’s in the bottle and take note of this in your CBD jotter.
  • Don’t forget terpenes! The aromatic compounds in cannabis (terpenes) are also found throughout nature and are reasonably well studied. Most have been shown to have some therapeutic potential. Myrcene is popular for those hoping to get a good night’s sleep, limonene is popular for a calming effect and so on. Some CBD products are terpene infused, so check out the terpenes the product is boasting and see if they fit your requirements. Again, making a note of the terpenes in your CBD product may help you establish which your body likes best.

A CBD journal can help keep costs down

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can note down all the details of your chosen product in your jotter, including product type, price, concentration and timeline of effects. This will help you see what’s happening over time as you take your oil, and will also help you compare one product to another if you choose to try a few. Buying CBD is expensive, but keeping a journal can really help keep costs down by methodically working out the right product, fast, therefore assisting you in making informed decisions. This of course also applies for finding the best whole plant cannabis in countries where that is legal and available.

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