5 CBD Drinks to try in the UK – 2021

I think it’s fair to say we could all do with a selection of calming drink. 2020 was, to say the least, a tough one. But alcohol need not always be your go-to beverage. The cannabis and cbd drinks market is growing, and quickly, around the world. We are getting spoilt for choice, with sodas, tonics, spirits, beers, teas and coffees. Here’s a few of our top picks from brands we follow and love.

  1. CBD Seed Milk
  2. CBD Tea
  3. CBD Beer
  4. CBD Soda Pop
  5. CBD Coffee

CBD Seed Milk – Good Hemp

I use the barista seed milk by Good Hemp at home on my Sage Barista Express. It’s a beautiful milk for baristas and another great alternative to dairy. I’ve not tried it on my cereal or anything like that yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It has a slightly nutty, hempy taste – as you would expect – so might be better suited to smoothies and ‘milkshakes’. Not all of their milks contain cbd, but all of them are made from hemp.


CBD Tea – Buddha Tea

We get it, older English folk like tea. Fortunately there are now a few CBD infused tea products on the market. Our favourite is the CBD Peppermint Infusion from Buddha Tea. Every now and then I’ll brew one of these instead of our own Decaf CBD Coffee. Its really refreshing and is peppermint is great to help settle your stomach – particularly after a large meal.


Cannabrew – CBD Infused Craft Beer

So this list wasn’t supposed to include alcohol, but this option from Cannabrew is too good to ignore. I like the Soul Lager, but for you proper crafty drinkers they also offer a ‘Sesh IPA’. Its a favourite of the boys at London Cannabis Film Festival too. I’ve also just seen that they are working on a Cloudy Cider which will hopefully be here in time for summer.


CBD Soda Pop – Drink 420

Time to unwind? Always. Pop the top on one of this delicious sodie-pops from Drink 420. I think I’ve tried all of the flavours now except the ginger which I know won’t float my boat. Elderflower lime is my favourite and also makes a great mixer. Its naturally low in calories and has no added sugar, making it one of the healthier fizzy drinks on the market.


CBD Coffee – Pot Head Coffee

We couldn’t come this far with out also showing off our CBD Coffee or Decaf CBD Coffee. We’ve been selling this infamous blend for a couple of years already, and the feedback has always been good. I like to switch up how I brew it but always come back to the cafetiere or our espresso machine at home. Partner a cup with Good Hemp’s milk for the ultimate, CBD-supercharged coffee.