Pot Head Logo Concepts

Our Story.

Pot Head Coffee started from a random sketch playing on the ‘coffee pot’ and ‘pot head’ idea. After several positive comments from friends and family, we explored the idea a little further, discovering several parallels between coffee and cannabis on various levels. 

While still playing with the idea we discovered that a close family member was having to illegally obtain cannabis to help manage pain from a terminal illness. This gave Pot Head Coffee a mission and a purpose, to help accelerate change and alleviate pain.

By pairing cannabis consumption with something as everyday as coffee, we hope to speed up the diffusion of both medicinal and recreational cannabis into mainstream culture. 

Organisations Weed Like To Support More.


Fuelled by the difficult experiences of loved ones and countless others online, Pot Head Coffee currently pledges 10% of its profits to organisations which are accelerating change and / or helping patients obtain easier access to medicinal cannabis in the UK.  

United Patients Alliance


The United Patients Alliance

The United Patients Alliance campaigns for a United Kingdom in which patients can legally access medical cannabis to treat their chronic conditions. 

The United Patients Alliance was founded to represent the interests of these patients and to call attention to the injustice of prosecuting individuals for treating their chronic conditions with cannabis. Some of the most vulnerable members of our society face up to fourteen years in prison for consuming a medicine that is legal across North America and Europe.




The UK Cannabis Social Clubs campaign for adult legalisation of cannabis; to provide safer access, with the right to grow at home or in a shared space and purchase labelled, lab tested products through regulated outlets with proof of age.

UKCSC is the UK cannabis consumer voice, offering practical and legal advice and guidance to Cannabis Social Clubs, politicians and police forces in order to provide a self regulatory frame work to reduce risks.


Emails are like a triple espresso. You don’t want one everyday. But every now and then, they serve their purpose.  

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