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Affiliate Program


Our Affiliate Program.

Pot Head Coffee offer an Affiliate Program for select influencers and partners to earn a commission on each and every sale they can generate via their social media channels, blogs or websites. 


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How it Works.

If you apply and are successful, you will be given access to your own Affiliate Dashboard. This is where you can track sales, commissions and importantly, create your own Affiliate Tracking Links. 

You earn every time your content generates a sale on our website. 

Currently we are paying out 15% of every sale to our Affiliate Program members. Payments are automatically executed when a minimum total commission of £20 has been earned. Commissions and payouts are negotiable with longer term members. 


About Us

Established in 2017, Pot Head Coffee specialise in all things coffee and cannabis. 

Currently this includes, CBD infused coffees, speciality ‘terpene-inspired’ coffees and cannabis accessories responsible consumers. 

We pride ourselves on offering responsibly and meticulously sourced ingredients and CBD rich, hemp extract. 

By pairing cannabis consumption with something as everyday as coffee, we hope to speed up the diffusion of both medicinal and recreational cannabis into mainstream culture. 


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