The Pot Head Gift Guide 2019

Covering gifts for coffee lovers, gifts for cannabis lovers and some combined ideas, we hope you find something thoughtful for your loved ones.

While there are loads of really elegant cannabis brands and products in North America, the UK seems to be a little behind. We will do a follow up with a ‘worldwide’ blog, but for now this one is restricted to items that are readily available in the UK.

The ideas are roughly sorted so that they get more luxurious (a.k.a expensive) as you scroll down. Click one of the links below to jump to relevant section.

  1. Coffee and cannabis books
  2. Coffee accessories
  3. Stylish cannabis accessories
  4. A hamper
  5. Subscription gifts
  6. Luxury gifts.

1. Coffee and cannabis books

Moving clockwise from top left:

  • The ABCs of CBD – Shira Adler: This is one of the first CBD / cannabis books that I read. It is a very easy read. Nice short paragraphs and sentences, making it an ideal coffee table book to jump in and out of, or read very quickly. It is a great starting point for someone new to CBD, but as always, I recommend you research beyond one book and one author.
  • The Leafly Guide to Cannabis: For a book with a more recreational focus on cannabis, I recommend the Leafly Guide to Cannabis. Leafly are largely unrivalled in cannabis media, and I still thoroughly enjoy browsing their website and this book with a cup of coffee on a Sunday. Leafly operate one of the largest, if not the largest strain databases.
  • Higher Etiquette – Lizzie Post: I need to read this one again (I lost it), but Higher Etiquette is all about politely transitioning into a cannabis tolerant society. I love its design and objective of making cannabis ‘classy’. This book would make a fantastic, yet subtle, conversation starter if left on a coffee table (as would many of these books actually!).
  • Cannabis: A History – Martin Booth: This one is also on my Christmas list. For those interested in an in-depth study of the journey of cannabis, from the neolithic period, to reefer madness and present day, this book is for you. Martin Booth also authored Opium: A History, so it is a format he knows well.
  • How to Make Coffee – Lani Kingston: In my opinion this book is a one stop shop for everything you could and should need to know about coffee. I absolutely love it. From the illustrations, diagrams and thoughtful logical ordering, it really is a great gift for any coffee lover.
  • Bong Appetit: Brought to you by the editors of Munchies, this one’s on my Christmas list.

2. Coffee Accessories

Moving clockwise from top left:

  • Hario V60: £9.00 – The perfect, affordable gift for anyone just starting to get into coffee. For the price, this is probably one of best gifts you could get a coffee lover. They come in various colours and materials, however this one linked here is the most affordable, clear, plastic variety. It even includes a coffee scoop and 40 papers! Pair it with any of our terpene inspired coffees to create your own ‘Pot Head pack.’
  • Pot Head Mug: £8.99 – I don’t think this is bias if we put this here?
  • rCup Recycled Travel Mug: £9.60 – I met these guys at London Coffee Festival in 2018. They were really nice and their product is great. They collect all the used paper cups from the likes of Starbucks and Costa and recycle them into reusable travel mugs. Ideal for coffee, tea or any beverage I guess.
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Measure and Bag Clip: £6.95 – I got one of these last Christmas or the year before. I’ve probably used it everyday since when I’m at home. Its nice to look at and its very functional.
  • Bialetti Mini Express Double Stovetop: £35.00 – I do not own one of these (yet), but it is so intriguing. It works exactly like a regular stove top espresso maker, except the pipe splits halve way up, giving you two cups instead of one. Maybe not the best gift for anyone who’s unhappily single…

3. Stylish cannabis accessories

Moving from left to right:

  • Rainbow Tray: £13 – A beautiful stainless steel, ‘rainbow’ tray. While it’s not 100% designed for rolling, it will do the job well enough to stop users making a mess.
  • Space Case Magnetic Grinder: £60 – Quite expensive for what it is, but by using magnets and a built in sifter it claims to be one of the best grinders on the market.
  • Tristar Lighter: £7.99 – They aren’t exactly subtle, but the range of petrol lighters from Tristar make a great, eye-catching stocking filler.
  • Wooden Stash Box: There are some really luxurious, handcrafted options coming out of the USA and Canada, but not a huge amount in the UK yet – hence I couldn’t find a photo of one I really liked. For a few nice options in the UK head to Etsy.
  • Gold Leaf Journals for Cannabis Enthusiasts: £9.99-£12.99 – Goldleaf creates highly usable and thoughtful printed supplies for the cannabis community. This includes a Grow Planner, Patient Journal, and Cannabis Taster. They are beautifully designed and include lots of helpful information and infographics.

4. A hamper

Got a bit more budget? Combine a few of the above in a basket (we found some that are made of hemp).

5. Subscription gifts

  • Curated Wellness CBD Intro Box: This CBD intro box from Curated Wellness is the perfect gift for anyone looking to get a feel for CBD and for the opportunity to try different products that can help find balance, achieve wellness and feel better. The products in the box change each month. The November version will feature a bag of our very own CBD Infused Coffee.

6. Luxury gifts for Pot Heads

  • Cannador Humidor: £195 – Know someone who likes to really look after their herb? Cannador humidors work by regulating humidity levels to help maintain the freshness, density and taste of dried herbs. It is crafted from sustainable mahogany and contains glass storage jars with reusable labels.
  • Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock: £345 – Yes, this contraption does exactly what it says on the tin. Fill it up with water and coffee before bed time, set your alarm and wake up to the beautiful aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If you think of anything we are missing, particularly any UK brands, please drop me an email or DM me on Instagram and I can look into adding it to the list. Many thanks for reading!