The Pot Head Gift Guide 2020

Our 2019 Gift Guide was such a hit that we’ve decided to make it an annual tradition, so here it is, The Pot Head Gift Guide 2020. We’ve tried to double down on all the bits you loved last year, and skip the bits you didn’t. Enjoy the browse and we hope it helps you find that perfect gift for the special Pot Heads in your life.


  1. Coffee / Cannabis Books
  2. Coffee Gifts
  3. Cannabis / CBD Gifts
  4. Subscriptions for Pot Heads
  5. Luxury Gifts
  6. Pot Head Gift Packs

1. Books for Pot Heads

Moving clockwise from top left:

  • High on Design – £24.99 – If like me you are into cannabis design and branding, then this is the book for you. This book covers the history of cannabis use, before moving onto to studies of today’s leaders. Naturally the book is beautiful and sits perfectly on my coffee table, always ready for a quick browse or source of inspiration.
  • A Quick Guide to CBD – £4.99 – Written by CBD specialist, Dr Julie Moltke this book is not only a great starting point for CBD, but will also help those with some understanding to further develop it. Its pretty small and very digestible – we highly recommend it.
  • Brew Better Coffee at Home – £20 – If you’re still perfecting your at home brewing skills, or even starting from scratch, this gorgeous book will show you the ropes in as much detail as you want. It even includes some recipes for coffee and cocktails.
  • Mr Nice – £3.19 – This is the autobiography of Howard Marks, aka Mr Nice. Howard Marks is an infamous, Welsh cannabis dealer and this books follows his journey from Oxford University to organising international drug deals and rubbing shoulders with M16, the CIA and even the mafia. It is a must read.
  • How I Became the Hash Queen – £19.81 – How I Became the Hash Queen is an exciting personal account from one of the cannabis industry’s rare female icons, Mila Jansen. Her story is unlike any other, taking you from 1960s Amsterdam to the Himalayas, and to the burgeoning legal weed scene in the U.S.
  • Home Grown Mag – £20 (Digital Only) – Home Grown Mag is the creation of legendary Lee Harris. Originally published in the 70s and 80s, Home Grown was Britain’s first counter culture and drug magazine. While printed copies are rare, the complete collection is now available online for just £20.

For more book recommendations, check out The 420 Book Society on Instagram – they are the real authority on this.

2. Coffee Gifts

Moving clockwise from top left:

  • Aeropress Go – £30 – A new travel friendly revamp of the original Aeropress, which now contains a travel mug. Don’t get too caught up on the travel side though, obviously this isn’t that attractive at the moment (FY COVID). This Aeropress still makes delicious American-style espresso and is an affordable and easy way to do so at home.
  • Saguaro Coffee Cups – £30 – These don’t really require much description. They stack to look like a cactus, they’re made of green glass, and they look dope.
  • Ember Smart Mug 2 – £99.95 – If like me, you drink a lot of coffee and sit at your laptop, A LOT, this might just be the perfect gift. The Ember Smart Mug keeps your coffee at an optimal temperature, allowing you to savour its taste and enjoy the ritual that bit longer. It even comes with its own recharging dock.
  • Hario V60: £9.00 – The perfect, affordable gift for anyone just starting to get into coffee. For the price, this is probably one of best gifts you could ever get a coffee lover. They come in various colours and materials, however this one linked here is the most affordable, clear, plastic variety. It even includes a coffee scoop and 40 papers! Pair it with any of our terpene inspired coffees to create your own ‘Pot Head pack.’
  • Pot Head Mug: £8.99 – I don’t think this is bias if we put this here?
  • rCup Recycled Travel Mug: £9.60 – I met these guys at London Coffee Festival in 2018. They were really nice and their product is great. They collect used paper cups from the likes of Starbucks and Costa and recycle them into reusable travel mugs. Ideal for coffee, tea or any beverage I guess.
  • Bodum Milk Frother – £19.60 – One of the most highly rated, manual milk frothers. If your beans, grind and coffees are good, your next target should be your milk. Works with a variety of dairy, and non-dairy based milks. Up your latte game today!
  • Salter Coffee and Spice Grinder – £19 – While blade grinders aren’t the best option for grinding coffee, we forgive this Salter grinder because of its price. It is one of the highest rated at home coffee grinders, allowing you to grind your beans fresh at home. Honestly, its worth it just for the smell alone, but grinding your beans fresh makes for an even tastier coffee. Trust us.

3. Cannabis / CBD Gifts

Moving from left to right:

  • Peace and Grow Kush Hemp – From £18 – If you haven’t met them yet, please meet Peace and Grow, supplier of our favourite CBD-rich, kush hemp. Available in cute, pre rolls, flowers and even pre-ground, this delicious Oregon kush hemp is a show stopper and a great replacement for tobacco.
  • Tristar Lighter: £7.99 – They aren’t exactly subtle, but the range of petrol lighters from Tristar make a great, eye-catching stocking filler.
  • Gold Leaf Journals: £12.99-£16.99 – GoldLeaf creates highly usable and thoughtful printed supplies for the cannabis community. This includes a Cooking Journal, Tasting Journal and our new favourite, a CBD Jotter. This Jotter has been designed to help CBD users document and track their journey with CBD. It is the perfect gift for those who are exploring its benefits. We are one of their UK Stockists, check them out here.
  • Stona Grinder / Stash Jars – From €109 – Designed and crafted in Germany, Stona create pieces of art, that are also very effective grinders. Our favourite is their music-themed collab with Herbhack which comes with some guitar picks.
  • Apple Pipes – $60 + Shipping – Designed and crafted by Made by Merola. These gorgeous apple pipes come in a variety of hues and with its own velvet bag, bowl screen and pipe cleaners. Each one is made to order meaning each one is unique. The only downside is you better order quick – each apple can take up to 15 days to make and dispatch.
  • Munchies T-Shirt by Mr Nice London – £30 – Make your intentions clear whilst you hunt for snacks in the naughty but NICE Munchies T-shirt. Printed with a retro font on soft deep purple cotton for a nostalgic vibe. Might be available in-store in London.
  • Brabantia Tasty+ Square Canister – £6.95 – This one is dual purpose. It’s air tight and is ideal for storing coffee or your herb of choice.
  • Cultiva Clothing Fabricated Face Mask – From £8.00 – Safe yet comfortable, this protection mask is made with a blend of Indian Hemp and Organic Cotton.  This effective 3 ply layered mask is made to be breathable and non-suffocating.  Being made of Hemp, it has natural strong fibrous properties making it durable and reusable with multiple washes. (Recommended, at least 50 washes)
  • Green Jay Doob Tube – €17.00 – Recommended to us by one of our favourite cannabis content creators,, “My Greenjay joint holder has been a staple in my accessory bag. It’s so handy for discretion and making sure you don’t squish your J in your pocket!
  • Terrazzo Ashtray – This Ashtray is made from Jesmonite which is a Solvent Free Acrylic Resin Composite, Which is Flame resistant, durable and non-toxic. The ashtray has Granite chips incorporated throughout the mix to create a unique and textured finish.
  • Paso CBD Vape – £28.95 (Including Vape Cartridge) – We’ve had our eyes on these a while. Not only do they have some delicious flavours such as Mango Kush, but the packaging is beautiful and contains zero plastic.
  • Grace’s London CBD Roll On & CBD Body Balm – Looking for CBD infused cosmetics? Look no further than our personal favourite, Grace’s London. Made with organic and natural ingredients, partners Shiona & Jason have been developing their own CBD cosmetics since 2014. All of their products are 100% Natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten & dairy free. Our top picks are the CBD Roll On, Body Balm and Sample Packs which let you try a little of each if you are unsure.

4. Subscriptions for Pot Heads

  • Broccoli Magazine –  $34.99 / Year with Free Shipping – Broccoli is the international magazine for cannabis lovers. Created by women who love weed, Broccoli is a magazine presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture. Playful, informed, eclectic, and thoughtful, it encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art, culture, and fashion.
  • Serenity CBD Gift Boxes – Want a selection of CBD goodies for someone – or indeed yourself? Check out Serenity Box Co who do exactly this. They have one off boxes and subscriptions available, and in different sizes.
  • Hot Boxed 420 – From £7.99 – Features a selection of premium branded rolling papers, tobacco free wraps, rolling tips and a few little extras perfect for the rollers and smokers that need the essentials.

5. Luxury Gifts for Pot Heads

  • Devambez Rolling Papers and Pre Rolls – From $38 – Meet Devambez, a royal stationer turned luxury cannabis brand thanks to a collaboration with JOB papers. Founded in Paris, 1826, Devambez has a long history of awards, accolades and bespoke services for the kings of Europe, statesmen, and the most influential artists of the early 20th century – including Picasso. Devambez papers are made from organic hemp grown in the iconic, Champagne region of France. TLDR? They are hella fancy.
  • Moon Coffee Maker – Now this one might take a bit of tracking down to purchase. I’ve only read about it on Design Milk, and not managed to find an outlet that sells them, but it was too cute to not include, and hey, you may be better at Google than me.
  • Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock: £345 – Yes, this contraption does exactly what it says on the tin. Fill it up with water and coffee before bed time, set your alarm and wake up to the beautiful aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If only it could roll as well.
  • Cannador Humidor: £195 – Know someone who likes to really look after their herb? Cannador humidors work by regulating humidity levels to help maintain the freshness, density and taste of dried herbs. It is crafted from sustainable mahogany and contains glass storage jars with reusable labels.

6. Pot Head Gift Packs

  • CBD Coffee + Pot Head Mug – £29.95 – Pair our bestselling CBD Coffee with our Mug for the special Pot Head in your life. We’ve even set it up so you can easily add some of Radek’s deviously delicious, CBD Chocolate. Be warned, the coffee and the chocolate go too well together.
  • The Herbhack Pack – £45 – Upgrade your ‘rise & grind’ setup with this charming, coffee and cannabis gift set. It contains everything you need to upgrade your morning micro-dose or power through an evening binge: gold rolling tray, doob tube, CBD Coffee and Pot Head Mug. The total RRP of this bundle is over £60 so it’s a bit of a steal. Limited availability.
  • CBD Coffee Discovery Pack – £59.95 – Can’t decide? Give the gift of choice with our Discovery Pack. As the name suggests, this contains a pack of each of our CBD Coffees for your chosen Pot Head to enjoy.

All of our gift packs come with free UK delivery, Pot Head stickers, and are freshly ground to order. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or DM me.

Tristan – Pot Head Coffee