GoldLeaf Journals in the UK

Goldleaf creates highly usable and thoughtful printed supplies for the cannabis community. Motivated by the idea of empowering medical patients & enthusiasts by offering functional & educational materials, Goldleaf focuses on clean design & science-forward content to make each item approachable, informative and highly unique.

“Goldleaf inspires both the patient and connoisseur to create a deeper more meaningful relationship with cannabis and a more concise, detailed, highly personal, handwritten experience ensues.” – Forbes

Founded in 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio, their acclaimed journals & educational prints are widely used in the cannabis community and have been featured in a variety of mainstream & cannabis specific publications.Currently we stock the Patient Journal, Tasting Journal and Grow Planner. You can find them here

Tasting Journal

The Tasting Journal is a pocket journal designed specifically for the cannabis adventurer. With a focus on recreational use and enjoyment, this notebook features guided entry pages and graphics designed to help you document the flavours, effects and experiences of cannabis.  Ideal for any enthusiast wanting to track the cultivars (strains) and products they have tried in the past and better understand their own palate and body in the process. This journal works with all types of cannabis (flower, concentrates & edibles) and is an essential companion to any cannabis enthusiast… learn more.      

Grow Planner

The Grow Planner is a first-of-its-kind weekly/monthly planner style journal designed specifically for home cannabis cultivation. Ideal for growers who wish to plan out their garden, rotation, feeding schedule in a clear and simple manner and track their progress with an intuitive weekly entry look.  This journal can help easily track each phase of the growing cycle and allows you to quickly notate the most important daily & weekly info for your growing space. Learn from past grows, repeat your successes and avoid your failures. Every space, grower, and strain is different. Let the Grow Planner help you document what is unique & important to you. Know your grow… learn more