Our Favourite, Healthy CBD Edibles

Are you looking for a tasty yet healthy way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle? Below we break down some of the healthiest CBD infused edibles on the market. With items ranging from breakfast, to snacks and ingredients, you’re sure to find an edible to suit your lifestyle and dosage requirements.

  1. CBD Granola
  2. CBD Tea
  3. CBD Coffee
  4. CBD Coconut Oil
  5. CBD Honey
  6. CBD Dark Chocolate

Edibles are a great way to micro-dose. I look for brands with great provenance and a good taste. They don’t need to taste like a sweet shop but they shouldn’t be too medicinal either. For everyday wellness I do like CBD Living – I know I can trust the brand provenance and they taste good – not too ‘hempy’. I also love King Karl CBD chocolate as I can give this out as a luxurious after dinner treat.

Roll with Z – A London Mum’s Guide to CBD & Wellness.

CBD Granola – Purdies Incredibles

Purdies Incredibles produce healthy edibles to help consumers integrate CBD into their everyday diet. Their original almond, cranberry and walnut granola is award-winning, scooping ‘Overall Best Product’ at the London Smoking Club’s Edible Cup in February 2019.

Purdie’s founder, Alex, began developing healthy edibles after using CBD to manage chronic pain. Through the use of CBD, he found he was able to reduce his use of opiate-based medicines.

Typical valuesper 100g
Energy1833kJ / 436 kcal
– of which saturates3.5g
– of which sugars18.8g

CBD Tea – Buddha Teas

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not a huge tea drinker. However, I do enjoy a peppermint tea in the evenings, and this CBD infused option from Buddha is my new go-to.

Buddha Teas believes that a good cup of tea is not simply a beverage, but an experience designed to nourish the body and satisfy the soul. Available in several stockists around the UK and on their website here.

  • 5mg of CBD per teabag
  • 18 tea bags per box.
  • Full spectrum, water soluble CBD.
  • Various teas available.
  • Naturally caffeine free.
  • £16.99 per box →

CBD Coffee – Pot Head Coffee

As well as tea, coffee can be a great medium to integrate CBD into your lifestyle. Its packed full of natural antioxidants and gives you a dopamine hit. However, it is important to remember that not all coffee is created equal. An Americano has virtually zero calories, while a ‘toffeenut latte’ from your favourite chain could have as much sugar as a can of your favourite can of soda.

CBD Coconut Oil – Baked Not Fried

Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that has been infused with 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD.

An incredibly versatile product. Add it to smoothies, coffee or any other drink, Suitable for baking your own edibles or just eating from the spoon. It also works as a topical and is great for your skin.

  • 1000mg per 150g
  • CBD rich, full spectrum hemp extract
  • Very versatile product. Can be added to virtually anything.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • £30.00 per jar →

CBD Honey – Pura Vida

Honey offers countless benefits internally and externally, rich with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Raw honey has been used for medicinal purposes for 1000’s of years and is a natural super-food. Just don’t go on a binge eating this out the jar. Honey also contains a lot of sugar and should be used as a healthier, substitute for other sweeteners.

  • 5mg per millilitre
  • CBD rich, full spectrum hemp extract
  • Made with raw, unfiltered, organic honey
  • Very versatile product. Can easy be added to hot drinks as an alternative to sugar or sweeteners.
  • From £21.95 per jar →

CBD Dark Chocolate

Radek Chocolate has teamed up with Bristol CBD to make this beautiful bar of dark chocolate infused with CBD. Each bar contains at least 10mg of CBD and does not contain any refined sugar.

Radek also make a variety of other delicious chocolate bars, all handmade in Bristol.

  • 10mg of CBD per bar
  • 70% Cocoa
  • Ingredients: Cocoa Paste*, Coconut, Sugar*(low GI), Cocoa Butter*,Lucuma*, 5% CBD Oil (min 10mg of CBD), Vanilla*
  • *Organically & Ethically Grown.
  • Very versatile product. Can easy be added to hot drinks as an alternative to sugar or sweeteners.
  • From £2.85 per 32g bar →

If you think of anything we are missing, particularly any UK brands, please drop me an email or DM me on Instagram and I can look into adding it to the list. Many thanks for reading!