How to buy coffee with crypto

Why we support payment via cryptocurrency

I am a bit of a techie, and have been following bitcoin in particular for a while. However we accept cryptocurrency payments simply because traditional payment providers do not support CBD companies. Anyway, we won’t bore you with more of the details, here’s how you can save on our coffee by paying with cryptocurrency.

Where to buy cryptocurrency

In order to buy something with cryptocurrency you must first own some cryptocurrency. Currently we accept both Bitcoin and Ethereum – these are arguably the two most popular.

Now to own some cryptocurrency you need a digital ‘wallet’. Our favourite wallet provider is Coinbase. They may charge some of the highest fees in the industry, but the simplicity of their website / app makes up for it (at the time of writing Coinbase has over 35 million users!)

I tend to use their mobile app more than anything so you may want to download that. Anyway, once you a signed up and logged in, purchasing some cryptocurrency is super easy. Just connect your card (Apple / Google Pay is supported) and purchase however much you require. You do not need to purchase a whole ‘coin’, fortunately you can buy fractions of coins.

Word of Warning: The price of any given cryptocurrency is more volatile than a traditional currency. If you are purchasing solely to purchase something else, only buy what you need. Our website will tell you how much Bitcoin or Ethereum you need to pay for your particular order.

How to buy coffee with cryptocurrency

I am going to try and compile a few different websites where you can buy coffee with cryptocurrency, but I am afraid they are hard to find.

For the time being I will walk you through how you can spend your cryptocurrency on our website, It is much like checking out and sending a bank transfer to us. All you do is build your order and then select the cryptocurrency payment option – as seen below where you currently get 15% off of your order.

This will then take you to a new payment section where you can either login to your Coinbase account and pay, or if you are not with Coinbase, you can select either Bitcoin or Ethereum to view our addresses to send payment too.

Payment can sometimes take a little longer than paying by card, but as soon as it is received your order is marked as paid and dispatched.