How to make CBD Cold Brew Coffee

When its hot outside, I tend to opt for a CBD cold brew coffee rather than my normal, hot americano. For a start it’s a lot more refreshing and if made right, I think it can be even tastier. It’s definitely smoother and after a long winter of drinking hot coffees, it’s a welcome change. Now you have a couple of options for brewing and infusing, so I’ll go through the easiest to get you sipping and chilling ASAP.

  1. Making Cold Brew Coffee
  2. Using CBD Coffee Beans
  3. Adding CBD Coffee Drops

How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is very easy to make. While I opt for the Hario Cold Brew Bottle you can also hack it and use your cafetiere / french press with a super simple recipe. Here it goes:

  1. Add your ground coffee to your cafetiere.
  2. Pour over cold water and stir.
  3. Steep for 12 hours in the fridge.
  4. Strain and enjoy your cold brew coffee!

It’s not only dead easy but produces good results! You may want to adjust the ratio of ground coffee to water, but a rough guide would be 10g of coffee per cup (100ml) of cold water.

Tips for success:

  • Make sure you use coarsely ground coffee in your cafetiere. If you are shopping with us, pick the “Cafetiere” grind.
  • Do not leave the brew to steep for much longer than 12 hours otherwise the flavour will start to get bitter.
  • Enjoy your cold brew over ice – it will stay colder longer.
  • You can still add any of your favourite syrups or milks. My favourite combo right now is a little vanilla syrup with some Good Hemp milk.
  • Store your cold brew in the fridge and drink within a couple of days.

Here’s me trying out the Hario Cold Brew Bottle. The key difference with this and the cafetière is the size of the filter. This has a much tighter filter, allowing you to use a finer coffee grind.

Now with the above instructions in mind, you have a couple of options for adding CBD to your cold brew coffee.

Using CBD infused coffee beans

One option to add CBD to your cold brew coffee is to make it with our CBD infused coffee. You don’t need to do anything differently. We delicately infuse our beans with organic hemp extract shortly after the roasting process, allowing the beans to absorb CBD and a spectrum of cannabinoids. We then grind this to order, allowing you to enjoy an extremely fresh, CBD infused coffee. The ratio we use works out at approximately 10mg of cbd per cup of coffee (10 grams of coffee). Check out our reviews to see how our customers use and enjoy our beans.

CBD Coffee Beans Advert

Adding CBD Coffee Drops to your cold brew

A second option is to add CBD or hemp extract to your cold brew after you have made it. This will allow you to control the amount of CBD in your cold brew as you can put in less or more drops. You can also use these drops to add CBD to a variety of beverages. We developed our water soluble, CBD Coffee Drops with this in mind. Not only do they dissolve almost instantly in the water, but they offer superior bioavailability, meaning your body will absorb more of the CBD when compared to a traditional oil.

Here’s me making an iced, CBD latte and adding some of our water soluble CBD Coffee Drops.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram for a quick response!