Wholesale Enquiries - Pot Head Coffee

Do you have a coffee shop, coffee cart or venue that appeals to Pot Heads? 


  • Don't be, 'just another' coffee shop. 
  • Make your business memorable. Give it a strong USP using the Pot Head Coffee brand, mission and products. 
  • Add new revenue streams to your business. 
  • Low and negotiable MOQs
  • Simple pricing structure. 
  • Promotional support available. 
  • Commission on any e-commerce sales trackable from your venue. 

With introductory pricing on both coffee beans for espresso machines, and take-away, freshly ground bags, Pot Head Coffee could be your new coffee partner. 


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If you would like to get in touch and learn more about Pot Head Coffee, please use the form below - and don't forget to tell us your business name and a quick bio. 

Not ready for wholesale pricing yet? To learn more about Pot Head Coffee and our mission, please check out Our Mission