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Good quality product

Lovely, enjoyable well balanced coffee with notes of CBD not overwhelming so it's just right.

Lovely treat

Very nice chocolate, it's a shame I eat it in one hit as I just couldn't get enough 🙂

Great stuff!

Great to use in any drinks, being water soluble means it mixes in more easily. I have also used it in my baking. Yet to see how that goes but really pleased with this product. Another great buy from Pot Head Coffee. Loved my mug too!

Lovely taste and no nasty caffeine effects.

This was the first caffeinated coffee I have had in a long time that didn't cause me any nasty effects like a headache or shakes.
It tastes delicious and is a lovely way to start the day.
my husband has even become a pothead convert.

CBD Coffee Drops
Stephen m.
I don't leave the house without it !

I have tried a few similar products and not been impressed. Pot Head's drops are spot on, they disperses seamlessly without any flavour alteration into your coffee or smoothie. I love how I can now have a takeaway coffee and take the edge off the day (an the caffeine hit) haha
Cheers pot Head's

CBD Espresso Coffee
Much stronger!

This is by far a stronger cup of coffee. The smell of it as well, oh my god. It’s delicious!

Awesome stuff

I was really impressed by this product. The coffee was really well flavoured and had excellent depth of flavour, matching or superseding anything else i have purchased. The product itself was delivered on time and sent in a zip bag which makes it so much more easy to re-use and keep fresh.
Also due to my error i had to contact the team. i was given great customer service and my issue was resolved swiftly. From what i can tell the team and company put the customer first in every sense.

A delicious start to my day!

I love love love this coffee! It's a very rich, smooth and darker coffee blend. I love starting my day with this blend. Just perfect. Will definitely order again.

Great coffee delivered to you door

Great coffee, good price, smells great and tastes great :monkey:

Decaf CBD Coffee

I really didn’t expect to love a decaf bag of coffee quite so much. It’s great if you love the taste but don’t want the buzz, and the added CBD means I can even enjoy it in the afternoon now. Smashed it!!!

Incredible flavour and so smooth.

Incredible flavour and so smooth. It definitely has a cbd kick, and is my favourite coffee to enjoy leisurely on a weekend morning. Only thing I'd say is that I'd prefer less plastic- biogradable bag and no plastic scoop would be great, but I will be buying this again and again and again. Hugely recommend.

Hi Sophie, thank you for your review! Our bags are recyclable (we are looking into compostable options) and I am not sure where you got a plastic scoop from ha, but we never include those in the bags - perhaps from another coffee. All the best, Tristan

The best there is

There aren't many coffee companies that have this level of quality and service.

The coffee is smooth and tasteful and the CBD infused helps me get through a busy workday in the home office.. I suffer from anxiety and this really aids in helping me relax a little.

The team are superb and very helpful to ensure you get the best value.

I love my coffee and I cannot recommend them enough

Girl Scout Coffee
Bethany N.
Sweeeeeet ting

Sweet nutty coffee with smooth caffeine rushes. No jitters.

OG Koffee
Bethany N.
Jitter free

Beautiful tasting coffee, without the adrenaline rush. Perfect before work.

excellent coffee and speedy delivery.

excellent coffee and speedy delivery. very happy

highly recommended

New to cbd coffee, thought I might as well try the normal and decaf. Not usually much of a decaf drinker, but pothead coffee has changed that. The product is amazing, my daily dose of cbd and a lovely rich flavour at the same time. Highly recommended

First time cbd coffee user

Having tried various cbd products over the years, I can honestly say this is the best one yet. The flavours are great, and the nice relaxing feeling is a great way to start each day.


Really nice taste & great vibes. Same goes for the chicolate.

CBD Infused Coffee
Stefanut S.
In love with this CBD Coffee

Best CBD Coffee !!!!

Great coffee. great buying experience

Thanks Pothead coffee! Your coffee is really good, a regular treat of calm in my day. I originally ordered the wrong grind for my espresso maker and had to grind it further which worked. Buying the correct grade made a huge difference... Superb!! Thanks for your great service too, love the personal note enclosed :coffee:️:gift_heart:


I’m always surprised how pot head is able to deliver such delicious coffee. Each small batch just gets better and this one doesn’t disappoint

Lovely to have over a few days

Lovely chocolate. Found I used the individual squares as treats when needed.

Coffee to relax and unwind with

Tasty coffee with a mellow feel.

Perfect mixed with the decaf for caffeine sensitive

I'm very sensitive to caffeine and have slowly been trying to re-introduce it again for the benefits. And I find a little of this mixed with the decaf CBD version is perfect. My partner loves this as well. A little will definitely go a long way here! Will for sure stock up again 😀

Delicious decaf coffee

Perfect for what I needed! Being very sensitive to caffeine I find I can enjoy this without feeling jittery, like normal decaf can even do. Perfect amount of CBD to be enjoyed any time of the day. I pour a big cup in the morning and enjoy sipping over it for hours (yes, I love it cold!). Tastes and smells yummy too. Think I'll have to subscribe for this one!