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Outstanding brew!

Completely changed my coffee preference. I’ve had the odd day with regular coffee since being introduced to Pothead, and for me, the huge difference is the after effect I.e. a feeling of calm focus rather than a burst with some anxiety at the end. Delicious stuff.


After being so impressed with th standard cbd coffee i thought id give the double a try, still a great taste and the extra cbd is appreciated , keep up the good work Pothead!

CBD Infused Coffee
ian hopkins

Really good 3 cups per day helps with my ms thank u

Decaf CBD Coffee
Michelle Roberts
Great coffee

I agree with others, not the strongest taste of coffee but a really lovely smooth taste. A great alternative to coffee. I would like a stronger dose as I always feel I need two so it goes quite quickly.

Thank you for the review and feedback. We have since adjusted our roast and grind to release more flavour as this came up a couple of times recently.

Double Strength CBD Coffee
Great coffee

I love this coffee but it doesn’t last for long and it is very expensive?
Would buy more but too expensive?

Thank you! We're working on this and hope to be able to reduce the price permanently later this month - without making any changes to the quality of the product.

CBD Decaf Review

Just personal preference here I suppose, but had to use 3 scoops (using kindly provided scoop) of this coffee to achieve desired taste of coffee and strength of CBD.

Good effect at this dose (improved sense of wellbeing and anti anxiety), and ok coffee flavour too. Due to my personal need to increase dose / get flavour, my single order was used up in 7 days at one cup of coffee per day..

Increase in CBD dosage ( or slight reduction in price ) and a moderate improvement in strength of flavour would absolutely be a 5 star review.

Thank you for the review. We have since adjusted our roast, and what I suspect was the issue, our grinder, so that the coffee should release even more flavour now.

CBD Coffee Drops
Charlotte Bradley
Creative boost

These fab little drops are becoming part of my morning ritual … I get up set my v60 coffee going and add 2-4 drops of pothead cbd oil feel good coffee vibes and creative flow and get painting … love em

Completely changed the way I experience coffee

I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember (circa 35 years) however as I've accrued more responsibility in life, I found that the after affects of caffeine were more notable. I was put onto the idea of CBD infused coffee through various forums and podcasts until I eventually tried the standard (or best-seller) brand from Pot Head Coffee. Given what I understand about flavour, initial response and after affects, it's always the latter which was a compromise however, this was completely changed when I tried this brand. I don't have the same jittery feeling, or amplified level of anxiety if I'm on a caffeine come-down while dealing with something even a little stressful. Instead, I find that the energy boost is a little longer lasting, and regardless of what I'm dealing with, I'm far clearer in my mind.

As for the taste - this one is really nice and rich. Not too bitter, but smooth and full. I'll be looking to try the Uber Chill brand shortly, but at the very least I can say I'm a big fan of the best-seller flavour.

Like I say, it's totally changed my relationship with coffee - which is something I've long adored. In the interest of balance, the cost is obviously more expensive when compared to even some of the nicer ground coffee options however this is a compromise I'm more comfortable with i.e. I'll take a few extra £'s if it makes me feel more productive, and less anxious.

Girl Scout Coffee
Emma Garner
Really Nice

Really nice coffee, great taste will defiantly buy again

Poor delivery

Excellent coffee very bad delivery waited over 10 days to get order which I had to pay £3.50 to Royal mail because postage had not been paid this was supposed to be free delivery

Double the CBD strength and tastes even better 👌

Until today I think I had tried pretty much all potheads wonderful coffee apart from the double strength.
Double is now my go to, tastes even better in my opinion. Slightly more hempy, chocolatey flavour 👌 nice work dudes

CBD Infused Coffee
Emma Garner
Great smooth coffee

Loved it only ordered 100g pack so re ordered the larger pack so smooth and no bitter after taste

Radek CBD Chocolate
Matt Bristol
Fantastic customer service

The service i received from pothead coffee was excellent. I ordered 2 bars of chocolate and ordered premium delivery by mistake. I communicated this to PHC immediately and they couldn’t refund the postage. But they threw in another bar of chocolate. An efficient and empathetic service.
It was really appreciated

CBD Infused Coffee
Melanie Anderson
Amazing Coffee

Probably one of the best tasting coffee I've tried. Great customer service too, highly recommend this brand of chill coffee.

Nice coffee and excellent customer service

Ordered cafetiere but there was a mix up with the order. Tristian responded within 10 mins and had the correct order the next day. Coffee is really good and will be re-ordering.

Great Coffee

Great coffee, nice to drink!

Amazing first try

Yummy but a little chalky... I suppose down to the cashew milk or a little out of temper from the changing weather conditions

In love

I am so pleased with this coffee! Not only does it taste beautiful, but the CBD takes the caffeine anxiety away, as well as much of my own. This is the only coffee I ever want to drink now.

Decaf CBD Coffee
Helen Litterick
decaf review

well cbd content was high but coffee flavour weak also found that with the other I tried soz

Radek CBD Chocolate
Helen Litterick
loved it

your choc was awesome

CBD Infused Coffee
oliver Chettle
Great coffee

That’s great coffee. When I was work at Royal Mail so busy then back home and made CBD Infused Coffee in V60 coffee, I drink it that’s make me feel relaxed and good.

Lovely cuppa

Tried cbd coffee for the 1st time and its definately a lovely tasting feel good brew.great product and will be buying again.excellent service and product.can definately recommend

CBD Infused Coffee
Morgan Tedd
All the fire without the burn

If your sick of loving coffee but living with the post caffeine anxiety, this is perfect for you. Feeling focussed and relaxed isn’t something I thought I’d ever feel, but the CBD infused coffee gives you exactly that

Wholesale order

Great service, fast to reply to questions and delivery was spot on

CBD Coffee Drops
Charleigh Clarke
Amazing & versatile!

I like using the drops in pretty much any drink, really. The bottle is really handy to keep in my bag! Love it, thank you!