CBD Coffee

Our range of CBD Coffee has quite a reputation and rightly so, its our speciality. However the recipe is actually quite simple. There’s only two ingredients for a start. Take the best coffee beans and infuse them with the best CBD rich, full spectrum hemp extract.

Okay, it’s not quite as simple as that, but it isn’t far off. The end result is the calmest cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Offering 10mg of CBD per cup our original CBD Coffee is a crowd pleaser, whereas our Small Batch is favoured by coffee connoisseurs. For our caffeine-free and really relaxing friends, we now also have Decaf CBD Coffee.

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  • CBD Coffee by Pot Head CoffeeCBD Coffee Summary Out of Stock
    From: £23.95

    This CBD Coffee is our original and #1 Bestseller. Its a ridiculously smooth tasting and uber calming coffee offering 10mg+ of CBD per cup.

    Each 200g bag contains approximately 20 cups of coffee.

  • Decaf CBD Coffee by Pot Head Coffee Out of Stock
    From: £23.95

    Get sleepy with our first, ‘anti-coffee’, coffee. This chocolatey bean is 99% free of caffeine and full of CBD, making it the perfect afternoon, after-dinner or evening drink.

    All of our coffees are ground to order to ensure maximum freshness and taste.

  • Double CBD Coffee - Strongest in the UKDouble CBD Coffee Summary Out of Stock
    From: £29.95

    Want the strongest CBD Coffee in the UK? Offering an uber-uber relaxing 20mg of CBD per cup, this is our strongest infusion yet. Expect tasty, subtle hemp notes, which we think, complement the beans natural notes of cocoa and citrus.

  • CBD Coffee Discovery Pack Out of Stock
    £32.95 £48.85

    Not sure which of our CBD Coffees to try first? Well this Discovery Pack was made for you. It contains 100g of our original CBD Coffee, Decaf CBD Coffee and Double CBD Coffee. All our delicately infused with organic hemp, offering an uber relaxing brew.