CBD Infused Coffee

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This CBD Coffee is our original and #1 Bestseller. Its a ridiculously smooth tasting and uber calming coffee offering 10mg+ of CBD per cup.

Each 200g bag contains approximately 20 cups of coffee.


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Whats inside: 

ROAST: Light – Medium
ORIGIN: Tanzania
FLAVOURS: Nuts, Berries, Subtle Hemp Aroma

CBD: 10mg / 10g serving
THC: < 0.03%
Ingredients: Coffee beans, organic hemp extract
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Mount Kilimanjaro - Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

Velvety, volcanic coffee

To make delicious CBD Coffee you need delicious coffee beans.

For ours we use a Tanzanian arabica. Smooth and intensely velvety, this bean grows on the volcanic soils of Mount Kilimanjaro, where nutrient rich soils ensure it has the best start to life.

…Kilimanjaro coffee exhibits distinct origin tasting flavors along with a lovely body and shining acidity that have given it a reputation as one of Africa’s best coffees.” – Espresso Coffee Guide

European hemp / cannabis

Whole plant medicine

The next, and final ingredient is hemp.

The key difference between hemp and cannabis is their THC content. THC is the mystical, psychoactive chemical which gets you ‘high’. Cannabis contains a lot while hemp does not.

Both contain a spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and compounds, all interacting with each other and you, to create what is called ‘the entourage effect’ or ‘whole plant medicine’.

To protect these delicate compounds and ensure that they reach your cup of coffee, we extract and infuse, both slowly and gently. The process we use is called, sub-critical CO2 extraction and is regarded as the most ‘natural’ method.

How to brew

Our preferred method for brewing CBD Coffee is a Cafetiere / Fench Press but you can use any popular method. There is a guide below for the different grinds and methods too.

Brewing in a Cafetiere / French Press:

  1. Add 10-15g of coffee per cup to your cafetiere.
  2. Then add near boiling water, stir and wait 3-4 minutes.
  3. Finally push the strainer / plunger down gently, and pour yourself a cup.
CBD Coffee Brewing Method

Frequently Asked Questions

How much CBD is in each cup?

Each cup of our CBD Coffee contains approximately 10mg of CBD, which comes from organic hemp. This is based on 10g of coffee used per cup.

How do I make CBD Coffee at home?

Our CBD Coffees are super easy to make, in fact they can be brewed like any coffee using a cafetiere / french press, filters, pour overs, espresso machines and more.

Will CBD Coffee make me 'high'?

No, unfortunately not. Our products do not contain enough THC which is the cannabinoid which makes you high.

Where does the CBD come from?

The CBD in our coffee comes from the organic hemp we infuse it with. However, because we use the hemp in one of its most natural forms, our infused coffees also contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and oils from the plant.

How does CBD Coffee make you feel?

If you read our reviews below, you will see our customers experience feelings of calmness, focus and relief from common caffeine side effects such as anxiety. If you want to avoid caffeine all together, we also offer a Decaf CBD Coffee.

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Pot Head Coffee


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Customer Reviews

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Im a single mother with 2 young children so am naturally stressed frequently, I have extremely bad anxiety and also have severe pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome ,I started having a cup a day. Of this coffee and I feel great!! I'm not as stressed, the pain in my wrists has significantly gone down. I've got more patience with the kids and feel generally happier within myself too!! It doesn't make you feel off your face either, It just makes you the best version of yourself 10000% reccomend and will be purchasing again. Also the chocolate on here YUM

Matt Thomas
Delicious coffee

Brewed with my syphon system great taste and calmed my nerves.

Ismaeel Bunsie Ismaeel
Amazing coffee

This coffee tastes great and delivers a perfect hit of CBD which relaxes and relieves anxiety.

ian hopkins

Really good 3 cups per day helps with my ms thank u

Completely changed the way I experience coffee

I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember (circa 35 years) however as I've accrued more responsibility in life, I found that the after affects of caffeine were more notable. I was put onto the idea of CBD infused coffee through various forums and podcasts until I eventually tried the standard (or best-seller) brand from Pot Head Coffee. Given what I understand about flavour, initial response and after affects, it's always the latter which was a compromise however, this was completely changed when I tried this brand. I don't have the same jittery feeling, or amplified level of anxiety if I'm on a caffeine come-down while dealing with something even a little stressful. Instead, I find that the energy boost is a little longer lasting, and regardless of what I'm dealing with, I'm far clearer in my mind.

As for the taste - this one is really nice and rich. Not too bitter, but smooth and full. I'll be looking to try the Uber Chill brand shortly, but at the very least I can say I'm a big fan of the best-seller flavour.

Like I say, it's totally changed my relationship with coffee - which is something I've long adored. In the interest of balance, the cost is obviously more expensive when compared to even some of the nicer ground coffee options however this is a compromise I'm more comfortable with i.e. I'll take a few extra £'s if it makes me feel more productive, and less anxious.