Girl Scout Coffee - Organic + FairTrade

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Girl Scout Coffee

Intensity: 3 out of 5 (With five being the most intense)

Flavour tones: Cookies, Cocoa and Orange

Origin: Honduras

Fairtrade. Organic. Rainforest Alliance. 

Strictly High Grown. Altitude: 1200-1300m

Named after the notorious Girl Scout Cookies strain, this Fairtrade, organic, single origin coffee makes a particularly, enjoyable post-dinner beverage. It has a mellow body, notes of cocoa, orange, and a slightly sweet, buttery mouthfeel. 

Our Girl Scout Coffee is grown by the Cocafelol Co-operative, a collection of smallholder farmers in Honduras. The Cocafelol Co-operative work with its farmers, both technically and financially, to maintain sustainable agricultural practices and produce coffee of the highest quality. Our Girl Scout Coffee is sourced from individual smallholder farmers, high in the mountainous Ocotepeque Region of Western Honduras.

For the most delicious coffee, we recommend purchasing the beans whole and then grinding them yourself. If you grind your coffee up minutes before you brew it, you get a much stronger, general flavour and the subtle undertones are easier to pick out.  However, we appreciate this isn’t always possible, hence our coffee can be ground to order:

  • Beans (Ungrinded)
  • Coarse (French Press / Cafetiere)
  • Fine (Espresso)

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