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Meet OG Koffee, our original crowd pleaser coffee. For those of you who are used to darker, espresso roasts (think Costa and Starbucks) then this is the coffee for you. Expect strong nutty and chocolate undertones.

INTESITY: 3 out of 5 (With five being the most intense)

FLAVOURS: Nuts, Cocoa and Citrus

ORIGIN: Brazil

All of our coffees are ground to order to ensure maximum freshness and taste.


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Ingredients: Coffee beans

OG Koffee? Well, the ‘OG’ in OG Kush actually stands for ‘Ocean Grown‘. However, this is was our very-first coffee, so we have no problem with it being referred to as the Original Gangsta Koffee.

OG Koffee is our take on the classic, everyday espresso blend. Expect strong nutty and chocolate undertones. We have tried to mimic the characteristics of OG Kush, which is renowned for its ability to “crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria”.

This blend excels in both espresso-based drinks because of it’s slightly darker roast.

For the most delicious cup of OG Koffee, we recommend purchasing the beans whole and then grinding them yourself. If you grind your coffee up minutes before you brew it, you get a much stronger, general flavour and the subtle undertones are easier to pick out.  However, we appreciate this isn’t always possible, hence our coffee can be ground to order.

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Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Espresso, Turkish


200g, 450g, 1kg

Customer Reviews

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Lillias Rapson
Nothing smoother than an OG koffee.

Smooth and dreamy!

Bethany N.
Jitter free

Beautiful tasting coffee, without the adrenaline rush. Perfect before work.

Michaela C.
Tastes great, will be buying

Tastes great, will be buying more in the future!

Fergal G.

It's a has a nice flavour to it


Katie W.
OG koffee

Oh my gosh, this stuff is amazing! If your like me and you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the mornings, or simply just love great coffee, Pothead coffee is 110% for you! Pick your flavour, pick your style, ( we went with espresso) and get those kettles boiling! Simple to make, taste better than a lot of leading brands, and the owner is absolutely lush!