Recipe: CBD Coffee Body Scrub

Ever looked at your used coffee grounds and wondered if they could be repurposed? Well, they can. While I personally put them on my garden, one of our stockists in the USA, Haumea Organics recently shared an ingenious, body scrub recipe to repurposes your used coffee grounds.

Why would I want to rub coffee on my skin?

While there is no specific evidence yet, the caffeine and antioxidants in coffee are known to benefit skin in several ways.

Another benefit comes from the natural exfoliating effects of the grounds of coffee themselves – loosening, cleaning and removing dead skin cells.

And what about the CBD?

Well, by the time you have brewed and drank your CBD Coffee, there won’t be much residual CBD left in the grounds. But, every little helps and for those of you who may interested in its benefits on the skin anyway, here they are: