The Pot Head Gift Guide 2021

It’s here! The Pot Head Gift Guide 2021. We’ve been working hard on this one in the hope to uncover some hidden gems in the coffee and cannabis space. Like previous guides, we’ve organised the guide into sections which you can jump to using the links below.


  1. Gifts under £20
  2. Coffee Gifts
  3. CBD Gifts
  4. Books
  5. Cannabis Gifts

Gifts under £20

  • HOJ Hamp Rolling Kit – £3 – You might see HOJ appear a couple of times in this years Gift Guide and for valid reasons, they’ve raised the bar across the board. This neat little rolling kit features 32 tips, papers and a mini tray which snaps shut thanks to some very satisfying magnets
  • Lemongrass & Ginger CBD Shampoo Bar – £12.99 – Containing 50mg of CBD and highly recommended by HighBabe.UK this delicious sounding bar claims to help repair and hydrate your hair.
  • Hario V60 Plastic Dripper – £9.49 – I think we recommend this every year, but it’s such an easy and simple way to upgrade your coffee game. Pair with some V60 paper filters, and filter coffee and you’ve got the complete set to give someone. P.S – All of our coffees are available in filter grind.
  • Stash Jar – £13.99 – Smell and stank proof jar. We always need a new one of these.
  • The CBD Jotter – £11.99 – One of the most beautiful, yet challenging characteristics of CBD is how it effects everyone differently. Hence it can be hugely beneficial to track and document your CBD journey with tools like this CBD Jotter from Goldleaf.

Coffee Gifts

  • Handheld Milk Frother – £14 – You don’t need an espresso machine with a steam wand to make hot, frothy milk at home. Simply heat your milk up (or not) and make it frothy with this handheld, battery powered device.
  • Monin Coffee Syrups Gift Set – £7.99 – An idea gift for anyone who has got their own espresso machine at home as with this set they can start making their own flavoured lattes and creations. P.S – Lots of inspo on our IG Reels feed.
  • Pot Head Coffee Mug – £8.95 – Can you go wrong with a new mug and a fresh bag of delicious coffee? I doubt it.
  • Etsy Concrete Coaster Set – £20 – Solid choice.
  • Hario Drip Scales – £53.80 – Want to up your filter / drip coffee setup? The perfect gift for anyone with a V60 Dripper wanting to start timing and weighing their brews.

CBD Gifts

  • Kush Hemp Pre-Rolls by Peace & Grow – £18 – These are my go to for hemp pre rolls. Not only do they smell seriously delicious, but they’re hand rolled beauties that come in this handy, to go pack.
  • CBD Coffee Drops – £34.99 – These have really taken off this year and we can see why. They’re water soluble which means they not only dissolve instantly in any drink, but they’re also very effective.
  • Radek’s CBD Chocolate – From £2.99 – Vegan friendly and made with some of the finest ingredients here in the UK – what’s not to love? They even do a Cashew CBD Chocolate for those of you who typically prefer lighter, milk chocolate.
  • Graces CBD Body Balm – Lavender and Lemon – £45 – Moisturise and condition your skin with our multi-purpose green beauty balm. Due to the high content of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids found in Hemp, this balm is an excellent moisturiser which works with the natural oils of your skin to promote natural skin repair and renewal.
  • Foria Sex Oil with CBD – £32 – Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil just makes sex better. This lube provides you and your partner with the all-natural moisture to soothe, arouse and exhilarate your sex life.
  • FourFive CBD Muscle Rub – £30 – Whether you’re an athlete or suffer with the highs and lows of an active lifestyle, a CBD infused muscle rub balm may be the perfect natural remedy to help you on your road to recovery.


In collaboration with the 420 Book Society. They run a monthly cannabis and CBD book club which you can learn more about here in their Instagram. Anyway, from inspirational and educational, to just simple stoner fun here are a few books they highly recommend:

  • The Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo – £11.75 – Or as it’s better known “The one book every cannabis enthusiast should read” and we couldn’t agree more. The Cannabis Manifesto presents a compelling case for why cannabis must be legalized and how every cannabis user is a medical patient.
  • Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness: An Essential Guide – £11.04 – New to the plant, this comprehensive, and easy to use guide on using cannabis, including both CBD and THC to ease health issues and help with overall well-being.
  • The Stoner Babes Coloring Book – £14.55 – Coffee, colouring in and a smoke? I feel it. I’m down and this one looks dope.
  • Seth Rogan’s Year Book – £13.30 – I’ve read this. It’s Seth’s biography which is scarily similar to Superbad. Hilarious and a must for any Rogan fans.
  • Home Baked: My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco – £8.90 – The heartfelt memoir from the daughter of the woman who ran an underground bakery that distributed marijuana brownies and helped provide medical marijuana to AIDS patients in San Francisco. I’ve not read this yet but its on my list.
  • Stoned For The Holidays: Tasty Cannabis Recipes To Nourish Your Family and Chill Them The F*ck Out – £14.40 – Essential reading if the government ever locks us in our homes again.
  • 420 Things to Draw While High – £14.99 – This ones self explanatory, but looks dope.
  • The Cooking Journal by GoldLeaf – £13.99 (Save 18%) – Do you like to cook with cannabis? Haven’t yet stepped inside the cannabis kitchen, but eager to give it a try? Goldleaf’s Cooking Journal helps you track your culinary adventures so that you can create appropriately potent cannabis infusions and delicious recipes.

For even more book recommendations go follow the 420 Book Society on Instagram. It’s one of my favourite ever follows as they are constantly introducing me to educational and fun books.


Cannabis Gifts

  • HOJ Klip – £109 – If you want to give that special Pot Head one of, if not the best grinder money can buy, look no further. Hoj, which is pronounced ‘H-OI’ meticulously design some of the best cannabis accessories available today. This grinder deploys a cutting technique – as opposed to grinding – which creates a fluffy and light texture. Its a game changer and I’d argue, pretty beautiful too.
  • Italian Kush Scented Candle – £36 – The Italian Kush Candle by Boy Smells is the trip you’ve been needing to take. This scent has an easy, herbaceous opulence in typical Italian style. Top notes of limoncello, black pepper and pomelo mingle with a heart of basil, oregano and of course, cannabis
  • OTTO Smart Grinder – £89 – If you hate rolling just like me, this handy little grinder, which comes with preroll cones takes care of the whole job. Check out this video for a clearer demonstration.
  • Inverted Lighter – £42.99 – A cool, inverted lighter which helps stop you from repeatedly burning your thumb. Refillable and reusable.
  • Cannabis Crocs – £27 – This might be my favourite find and item on the whole list. We all need a pair of crocs / outdoor slippers like these.
  • Ashtray with Gold Lid – £40- Cute AF.
  • Concrete Tray – £11 – Similar vibe to the coasters above but trays like these are versatile enough for coffee and cannabis use. Bonus.
  • Herb Enthusiast T-Shirt – £26 – Jane Parade make some of the dopest swag around and this t-shirt is no different.
  • High Grade T-Shirt – £30 – Another classic from Mr Nice, one of the few UK based cannabis brands making quality clothing.

Still need more ideas? Hit me up or check out our Gift Guide 2020 and Gift Guide 2019. And let me know if you think I’ve missed anything that should of made the list.