How to serve CBD coffee in a cafe or shop


Why serve CBD coffee? 

Centre for Medicinal Cannabis survey finds six million adults used CBD in UK.

National Health Executive

Market forecast to reach £16.5bn in the next decade.

Financial Times

Cannabis, and CBD in particular, are transitioning from fringe herbal remedies and illegal substances to mainstream culture. Its newly broadcasted health and wellness benefits have rightly captured the attention of a wide variety of people, catapulting cannabis into a new and emerging industry. With an already large consumer base and growing awareness, there has never been a better time to differentiate your cafe or shop by offering CBD coffee. But how do you add CBD to coffee and what is the best way to do it?

In this blog we cover: 

Using CBD infused coffee beans

Adding CBD to normal coffee beans

How to sell CBD infused coffee


Option 1: Using CBD Infused Coffee Beans

One option to serve your customers a CBD-infused coffee is by using our CBD coffee beans

Our 5-star-rated beans, which are infused with full spectrum hemp extract offer a beautifully delicate, but delicious hemp aroma and flavour profile. For the beans we use highland Arabica coffee, grown on the volcanic slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. 


  • No change to way you already make coffee. 
  • No change to the way your customer drinks coffee. 
  • Minimal impact on taste. 
  • Clear and controlled dosage: 10mg CBD / 10g Coffee


  • Requires dedicated coffee machinery to keep CBD beans separate from regular coffee beans. 


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Option 2: Adding CBD to Normal Coffee

The offer way to offer CBD-infused coffee is by adding CBD after you have made a normal coffee, using products such as: CBD infused syrups, honey, and oils.

Syrups and honeys are great if your customer already adds sugar or a sweetener to their coffee. However, not everyone does, leaving you unable to serve a large segment of your market. 

CBD oil however, can be added whether your customer sweetens their coffee or not. While the oil may have some impact on the taste of the coffee, this can be minimised if the product uses a high-quality carrier oil such as raw, organic coconut oil. 

To add CBD oil to coffee you just add a few drops. The amount of drops you offer is totally up to you and will depend on the strength of the oil you are using. 


  • No change to way you already make coffee. 
  • No change to the way your customer drinks coffee. 
  • Ability to vary the CBD dosage of individual coffees. 


  • CBD dosage is variable and can be unclear to the customer and will need to be specified. 


How to sell CBD coffee? 

If you already sell coffee, the easiest way is offer the customer CBD coffee in a similar way to Starbucks may offer you the special, winter roast. When a customer is ordering their traditional coffee, signage or the barista will need to inform them that CBD coffee is available for an extra £X. The price you sell it for is up to you and we can work with you on that if you wish. 

Would you like CBD with that? 

If you don’t sell coffee, and you are only offering CBD coffee, it is even easier. You have the one menu of the types of coffee you are serving, be it espresso based drinks, or just CBD cold brew in the summer. The price you sell it for is up to you and we can work with you on that if you wish. 


What else should you know? 

CBD / cannabis consumption can be separated into two use cases: medicinal and recreational / wellness. CBD for medicinal purposes requires much high dosages than those who use it for well-being and recreational purposes. It is important at this stage to clarify that our products are not for medicinal purposes. However we pride ourselves on offering a high level of CBD Rich Hemp Extract in all of our products, offering a diverse range cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients. Please read our customer reviews for an insight into the wellness benefits and experiences our customers find.

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