How to make CBD Coffee


What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is – you guessed it – coffee infused with CBD. If we are too far ahead already, you can check out our other blog “What is CBD?


Why infuse coffee with CBD?

Drinking coffee is something a lot of us do every day. It’s warm, it’s reliable, and while they once were heavily debated, coffee itself seems to have secured some health benefits.

It is so ingrained in many of our daily morning (and afternoon) rituals that it makes the perfect habit to infuse with CBD. What’s more is that it can be done so, very easily.


How to make CBD Coffee

We know of three straightforward ways to make CBD Coffee:   

  1. CBD infused coffee beans
  2. Adding CBD oil to coffee
  3. Adding CBD honey to coffee

The easiest of the three is to use CBD infused coffee beans. It really can be brewed using any conventional method. Our favourite for CBD Coffee is the French Press / Cafetiere as its long brew time and minimal filtration, maximises the amount of CBD available for absorption. 


1. CBD Infused Coffee Beans

Pot Head Coffee - CBD Infused Coffee


  • You already know how to make regular coffee, and you probably drink it every day.
  • If you don’t and you want to try, all you need is a French Press / Cafetiere which can be picked up very affordably in most supermarkets. 
  • It is still cheaper than a coffee at {insert your local coffee chain here}. 


  • You might not like coffee (hard to believe if you have come this far...)
  • Harder to extend dosage beyond strong coffee.


2. Adding CBD Oil to Coffee


  • Easy to control dosage
  • Can be blended to produce a CBD infused, ‘BulletProof’ Coffee.


  • Oil does not mix well with water. It will sit on top of your coffee unless blended and drank reasonably quickly.
  • Can impact the flavour of your coffee.


3. Adding CBD Infused Honey to Coffee


  • Easy to control dosage
  • Dissolves and mixes in well.
  • Honey is a natural sweetener.


  • There is only so much honey you will want in your coffee.
  • Not everyone likes sweet coffee.



    How much does CBD coffee cost per cup?  

    When using CBD oil or CBD honey to make your own CBD infused coffee the cost can vary. There are lots of CBD oils available but limited options for CBD honey - we are currently exploring stocking both options. What we can tell you is the cost per cup of our CBD infused coffee beans

    Just £1.00 per cup.

    Based on our 450g bag, and 10g of coffee per cup, offering 10mg / CBD. 


    Are you surprised? Your daily Costa or Starbucks will likely cost more than double. 


    Disclaimer: Here at Pot Head Coffee, we try to keep an open mind. While we obviously have a business interest in CBD, we try to make sure that all information and the sources of information are credible and not misleading in anyway. None of the information on our website should be taken as medical advice as we are not medical professionals.